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How to Choose a Cellular Phone

Cellular Phone

It’s the new year and with most electronics depreciate at the end of the year and that new models have come out, buying a new cellphone might be a great idea, just a little token for yourself for the past year well-spent. There are a lot of brands and models to choose from and its all about making a sensible purchase. Here’s a guide to choosing a cell phone.

Explore the practical side of it. Cellular phones are primarily made for communication purposes. This will help you choose which model packs the best configuration for your communication.

If you’re more of the calls person, you might want to opt for the model with the longest airtime and stores the most contact information. If you’re the SMS person, then opt for the model that lets you do that. If you’re more of the Internet type of person, then get the one that lets you optimum connectivity – MMS, 3.5G, Bluetooth…

However, also take into account your other needs. You don’t just want to be stuck with a phone that works as a phone. Consider your other needs like size, weight and color. Cellular phones have become very personal accessories that tell something about your personality too.

Take accessories into account too. Batteries and chargers are often included in the pack. Extra batteries can come handy but with the standard standby time of a cell phone lasting for more than a week these days, you might just want to consider buying a spare if you make and take calls more than the average guy.

For best connectivity, look for models that have Bluetooth, infrared and a data cable. Cables, however, are often purchased as a separate accessory.

Check out online magazines for reviews and comparisons. Then check out online stores for best price comparisons. Check out packages from service providers too. Many offer cell phones together with their service packages at very good discounted prices. If a time-bound and provider-lock agreement doesn’t bother you, then you might want to consider this.


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