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How to Choose a Safe


Across a lot of our tips here on LifeSpy, you might have encountered some of our tips suggesting to place important items in safes. However, we haven’t really discussed how to choose a good safe for you home. If you still keep your money in the cookie jar and your insurance policies in a shoebox under your bed, then better start considering getting a safe for your home. No one could really tell when poop would hit the fan and it’s always best to be prepared.

Fireproof and theft-proof. We’ve encountered some old school wisdom saying that safes for homes usually come either as fireproof or theft-proof. There are models available that provide you protection for both fires and thieves but they could be enough to break your bank. One tip that could save you money is to buy one of each and weld the theft-proof safe inside the fireproof one like Russian dolls. And you get two layers of locks at that enough to deter the impatient thief. But I guess there are a lot of safes that could provide you both security, it’s just a matter of choosing one that would be within your budget.

Anyway, here are some features that you should look for in a safe:

Thickness. You’d want one made of solid steel with 1/2 inch door and 1/4 inch walls.

Relocking failsafe. Choose one that features a good quality lock equipped with relocking device so that just in case an amateurish thief tries to tamper with the lock, the device automatically relocks the bolts.

Heat resistance. For homes, it’s best to get a fireproof safe that can withstand 1,850 F (1,010 C) for a span of two hours.

Manufacturer’s guarantee. Be sure to get one that comes from a reputable manufacturer and from whom you can get support just in case something happens to the safe.

Mounting. Bolt the safe to a concrete floor or wall and make sure that it molds well to the concrete.


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