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How to Cope with a Low Student Budget

School is not affordable and that makes it a privilege for those who can pay for it. If your tuition is already a handful, how are you going to sustain your other expenses like food, books, dorm, and other student fees?

If you’re a student going through financial difficulties, here are ways on how you can address your lack in monetary resources.

Avail of the cheapest student basic commodities. Of course a condo would be so perfect for you – the privacy, the space, the independence. Unfortunately, though, it looks like you can only afford to live in a dorm. But don’t worry, dorm life is not so bad.

Definitely, living in a dorm is cheaper than having your own personal apartment. There’s a big chance you’ll be sharing a room with another student, and if you’re not easy to get along with, try harder. Being a good roomie will make your life more convenient. Then again, if you can score a cheaper apartment outside campus, then consider getting one.

A cheaper alternative would be living with a relative. Once you know which school you’re going to, ask your parents if you have relatives in the area who might want to keep you in. While this may not be easy, you can offer to help out with the chores, errands, and other things they might require of you. If you’re lucky enough to have relatives who’s willing to keep you in for free, that’s already big savings.

Meals, clothes, hang-outs and over-all lifestyle. Limited money means you cannot live lavishly. There is simply no chance for luxury. No hanging out in elite coffee shops, no new gadgets, no keeping up with the latest fashion. But that’s okay! The important thing is that you’re eating right and you have a conducive place to study. There are campus meal plans which can save you a lot of money for food. But before you avail this, make sure that your eating habits and schedule will allow you to maximize this good deal.

Can you handle a part-time job? Before you think that having a part-time job will solve your problems, think again. How busy are you and how much time can you devote to a part-time job? Look for a job that doesn’t just compensate well, but make sure it’s also near enough so you won’t get too exhausted with the transportation cost and distance.

Sure you want to earn more for school, but make sure you have enough time for school work.


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