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How to Cope with Unattractiveness

There’s a lot of fuss over fashion and beauty that sometimes it seems like it’s the only thing that matters. But we’re forgetting the timeless teaching that the inside is more important than the outside. People have a standard on what’s glamorous and what’s ugly and the basis is usually what is promoted by pop culture. And if unfortunately you are categorized outside the gorgeous group, you’ll have to remember these facts:

Your looks change as you grow older. Remember the story of the “Ugly Duckling”? It’s not just another fairy tale. Many beautiful people were not so attractive back when they were young, but they catch up later on in their lives when they also acquire manners, etiquette, poise and confidence.

What’s beautiful changes from time to time. Just like fashion, there’s also a trend on looks. Sometimes blonde is the best, but it always shifts so brunette after a while, and then back again. It’s all a matter of what the flavor of the month is.

Be your best self. Since you still haven’t grown into your looks, invest on vanity and makeovers. Just because you had messy hair ever since you were a child doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Get a facial, a regular hair treatment, and buy some skin food. You may not have very striking features but if over-all you’re hot, then you’re hot!

Personality still matters. There’s no bigger turn-off than a zero personality. If you complement your over-all physical efforts with emotional and mental maturity and sensitivity, plus a dose of humor and wit, then you’re sure to win anyone.

Build on your confidence by getting good grades and winning a kick-ass job. People who are not-so attractive magically seems sophisticated and sensational when they exude self-confidence and success. The essence of beauty is how you project yourself and how you use what you got instead of being insecure with what you don’t have.


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