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How to Date a Career Woman

Career Woman

The devil wears Prada, and sometimes, Versace. It’s bad enough to be ignored by a pretty woman. It’s worse when that woman is as sharp as her heels. Gorgeous career women are hard to get. For one, they have their careers as top priority. And it doesn’t mean they’ll say YES after a bit of cheesy stuff, it means REALLY DIFFICULT TO ACHIEVE. But if you really can’t look away, then here are some tips to help you on your most dangerous quest to getting on their good side. Play your cards right, and they might even consider.

Subscribe to a business newspaper or news magazine. Career women know what’s on the headline. Your “How’s it going?” can only get you rolled eyes or a smirk, especially if you’re not much to look at (Honesty is really important in this kind of quest.). Read the business section regularly so that if you luckily got stuck with her on the elevator, you have something significant to share.

Have a considerable amount of cash on hand. What are the chances that this career woman you like prefers fast food for lunch? Unlikely. Possible, but unlikely. To avoid being in a position where she’s bound to pay for say, an unexpected classy dinner, save up. If only for that one perfect date.

Strive for a higher position than hers. Most career women won’t even think about the possibility unless you’re in a higher position than she’s in. Some of the bold men in the workplace are sure to be making moves on her, too. Give yourself the advantage by outshining everyone else. Women can be impressed, no matter what they say.

Don’t try too hard. Smart women are hard to please, and even harder to convince. If you got lucky enough that she believed you earn twice than your actual monthly haul, don’t push your luck lying about you being featured in last week’s business section. She reads the papers, remember? Besides, it’s the first conversations you’re nervous about. If that goes well, you can move on to other more natural instincts.


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