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How to Deal with In-flight Panic Attacks

Panic Attack

When someone is successful, it’s said that that person is going places. If you’re based in New York, but you have a business meeting in Tokyo next week, and a presentation in Berlin two days after, how do you cope with the long hours of flying?

Long travel hours cause anxiety. What to do in that 12-hour flight aside from biting your nails while praying those airplane terrors you see in movies don’t happen to you? You start thinking what if the plane spontaneously explodes? Or breaks in two while airborne? True, there are a lot of bad things that can happen in a long flight. But seeing as panicking won’t really do you any good even though the plane is hijacked, it’s more sensible to just keep your cool because hey, it’s a long flight!

Anxieties during your flight will give you panic attacks. When you start breathing faster than usual, manifesting rapid heartbeats and when every turbulence seems like an apocalypse then you are entertaining your panic attacks. Hand carry some stuff which can hold your fancies and help you get through your flight — Mac, iPod, Blackberry, or a good book.

Panic attacks should be subject to therapy to avoid its snowballing effect as your trips become more often. While it is much trouble to travel at long hours, recurring panic attacks will get you practically nowhere.


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  • One of the things about panic attacks is this: often what we are most afraid of is that we will lose it completely and start screaming or otherwise embarrassing ourselves. Just knowing that you won’t can help. You could also try concentrating on your breathing to calm yourself down.

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