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How to Deal with People who Stutter


Do you know anyone who stutters? Stuttering is a communication disorder that renders a person inarticulate. Stuttering comes in different forms — from repetitions of syllables to long pauses in mid-sentence. Stuttering causes disruptions in communication. Because of this, stuttering is just as much a social problem than a linguistic disability.

There is no known true cause of stuttering. Genetics and other developmental disorders are being looked at as causes.
People who stutter are usually not very comfortable talking to other people. But if they had more support, they can overcome it faster. So here’s what you should do.

Talk to them as you would talk to any person without the stutter. This means that you should not make them feel uncomfortable especially when the stuttering becomes more manifested. You can encourage them to express their thoughts by just listening politely.

Be patient. Talking to a person who stutters will probably make you feel awkward. But refrain from giving any signs of being embarrassed and let them finish their own sentences.

Most children who stutter overcome this difficulty when they grow up. If you search in the internet, you’re going to discover that a lot of celebrities had stuttering problems when they were younger.

Speech therapy can help improve one’s stuttering problems. Through practice and proper coaching, therapists help achieve fluency in speech.


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