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How to Earn from a Hobby: Photography


So there’s an artist in you after all. Ever since you bought that camera, the two of you are inseparable, and all you want to do is point and shoot. Photography is a pleasurable hobby. You walk about, and you look and you wait for a perfect moment which you can immortalize with a snap of your camera. If you have developed an eye for beauty, then why not turn it into something profitable? After all, photography is not a cheap hobby.

Invest on equipment. Well, if you’re really into it, be prepared to invest on a good camera, lenses, lights… I talked to one professional photographer colleague of mine and he says that any yahoo with a good digital SLR and Adobe Photoshop can call himself a “pro” nowadays. It’s really easy to just shoot-now, manipulate-later where you can dish out terrific pro-level shots even if all you know is click.

Learn. There’s so much in the art and science of photography that you need to learn. Lighting, composition, aperture speed… Enroll in short courses and workshops from pros to learn what you need to make it to the big leagues.

Value your personal style. Even though you are a beginner, you have a style all your own and that’s what makes you stand out from the other photographers. You don’t need anyone telling you which angle looks better because you know where it is. The most important thing is to keep your cool and trust in your own talent. If you can’t do traditional wedding photos, then do it your way. No one will complain as long as your shots are all pretty. People won’t be looking at angles or lighting, they’ll only care about how they look in the photos. So be on guard so you won’t miss a perfect shot.

Launch a photoblog. You can still earn by publishing your portfolio in a photoblog. Let the magic of Web 2.0 fund your hobby.

Be organized. Make sure you set up ahead of time. There’s no room for mistakes so make sure you’re all set when the event starts. To be sure that you don’t forget your extra batteries at home, make a checklist. Make a portfolio of your whole coverage so that you can officially promote your own photography services to future interested clients. Take on available jobs. Do you know someone who’s getting married soon? Make a phone call and offer your “services”. You’ll do something you love, plus you earn extra cash!


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