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How to Enjoy in Any Party


Friday night is margarita night. You’re invited to a bash and all the wonderful people in the office will be there. If you’re the new guy at work, you don’t know which way to go or which corner to sit on. Don’t worry, you won’t go to that party unprepared. Here are some thoughts that’d help you have fun.

If you’re single, the best place to be is at the buffet table. People who came solo tend to hang out on this spot so you will find fellow unattached guests you can chat up. You can break the ice by talking about the food that’s right in front of you. Don’t like the appetizer? Discuss it with that stranger beside you.

If you’re a guy, you might notice an all-male group who’s talking about cars or girls or video games. The best way to join them is to have at least one of them introduce you to the rest of the group. Ditto if you’re a solo girl wanting to join the girl zone. If you want to join them, check if you know one of them so she can also introduce you to the rest of the girlies.

There’s always the loudest group, and chances are, they’re in the center of the room consisting the most colorful people in the office. Wanna join them? Either you know a really hilarious joke or you’re an instant charmer. If you’ve got neither, better look for another group.

See anyone you like? Before you see if your pick-up lines will work on this one, study who s/he’s talking with. If s/he’s in a conversation with only one person, they might be a couple. One way of telling is their space between each other. If they’re too close and cozy, better back off. But if s/he seems bored and disinterested with the conversation, then you can try your luck.


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