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How to Feel Comfortable While Traveling


Do you have to travel transatlantic? Well, doesn’t that suck? Glued to your seat for hours, not to mention being dislodged for at least one stopover. All you can do is to set your face with a determined look and bear it like a good sport. Or you can follow these tips to make life it a little easier on you.

Make comfort your top priority. Wear loose-fitting clothing. Comfy slacks with elastic waistbands and plain crumple-free shirts. For the ladies, refrain from putting on too much make-up. Trust me; a long flight will only play havoc to your face paint no matter how expertly you’ve applied them. Just bring a little powder (to blot the oil), some lip gloss, and cheek tint will do the trick. If you have long hair, bring elastic to tie it up and keep it nice and neat. This way you can still look smart while getting enough comfort to sleep and relax despite the long hours of travel.

Don’t forget to bring a lightweight jacket and flight socks to warm you when it gets a little chilly. Flight socks also help you from developing deep vein thrombosis. Flat and roomy slip-on shoes will do the trick when your feet start to swell on high altitude (good also when you have to a complete body search at some high-security airport).

Getting hydrated is important too so drink fluids often. Alcohol and coffee can only dehydrate you so stick to juice and water.

Nip boredom at the bud by packing a few anti-boredom essentials – books or magazine, a puzzle book with a pencil, your beloved iPod or laptop. Don’t forget to walk around the plane to keep the blood circulating.


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