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How to Fight Off Dust Mites

Aside from animal dander, allergic asthma can also be caused by dust mites. To make sure you keep your allergies at bay, you’ll have to drive out as many of your allergens as you can.

How can you eliminate dust mites? Dust bunnies are everywhere. Even if you’re a cleaning freak, dust mites will always find a space in your home. The question is on how you’re going to reduce it to a point where it won’t trigger your allergies.

Buy an air conditioner or a humidifier to keep humidity at a low level. The higher your indoor humidity, the higher chances you’ll attract more dust mites.

Is your home carpeted? Carpets tend to pull in dust mites. It’s better to get wooden or tiled floors instead. But if you really like the style of carpets, you should make sure to have it dry cleaned regularly.

Make sure you keep your rooms free from dust mites by changing your covers often, ideally in hot water. You can do this every week and hang them inside where pollens won’t get to them as they dry.

Dust mites as well as dander love stuffed toys. If you can find a way to not have these things lying about the house where they can gather dust mites, do it. Keep all stuffed toys inside a cabinet or inside their plastics so that they won’t accumulate dust. Or you can just wash them weekly, too.

Keep your furniture dust free. Keeping dust mites away means you have to maintain the cleanliness in your house. You may not be able to accomplish this task if you have a full time job. In this case, it would be very wise to hire a cleaner who can maintain all furniture dust-free. It’s an added cost, but at least you can go home to a dust-free home and finally say goodbye to your allergies.


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