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How to Get Wed in a Budget


Getting hitched in the new year, are you? Lots of things to look forward to – the bliss of a life together, the feeling of settling down and how about the expenses of the wedding celebration? Ah, that one you’re sure to face sooner than later. It might even haunt you if you don’t read this post.

Small, big, garden, church, civil, Vegas, cruise ship – all weddings cost money. But this is not to say that you should cut your happiness short, oh no. You can get married, but you’ll need a wedding budget first.

Maintain a limited list of priorities. Your wedding priorities should consist of only your top 5 to 10 wedding must-haves. Since this list is limited, remember that the list consists of your wedding must-haves and not those of your friends. Google the wedding must-haves. You’ll see a lot of fancy things you can’t afford, but just the same, the listing can serve as your checklist. Remember, 5-10 must-haves only. You can indulge only if additional funds come in.

Which reception type is best considering your budget? Choices are: formal dinner, cocktail reception, or maybe just a simple get-together of 15 people? It will also be wise to already set your menu. Wine and champagne are glamorous but are definitely financial suicide, so think it through.

Plan the wedding yourself. Planning a wedding is tough work. And planning your own might be more stressful because it has to be perfect despite some cost-cutting. But think of it this way, who else to make sure your wedding goes exactly the way you planned it than yourself? Plus, you save cash without having a consultant.


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