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How to Handle Phone Interviews


Fresh graduates and job hunters, I think it would be best for you to read this. Personnel hiring and all the stuff that goes with it costs a lot for companies. And that’s not just about money but also time and other important resources as well. But as human resources are a vital element in business, this can’t be helped- hence the finding of better ways to screen applicants as fast and as accurate as possible. One of which is the telephone interview as a preliminary screening tool. Despite its detachment (compared to an actual personal one-on-one interview), company recruiters take this seriously.

So if you suddenly find yourself being scheduled for a phone interview, you’d better be ready. Here are just some tips to give you an idea:

Most companies and business establishments start at around 7 to 9 AM. Even if you are still only looking for a job, you’d better start waking up like the rest of the workforce do – and that means early. It’s pretty much embarrassing to be woken up at noon by the ringing of your telephone to find out that a company recruiter is on the other end wanting to interview you for a job you applied a week ago.

Silence. Pick a spot where you can have the telephone interview quietly. Turn off all gadgets and appliances that give blaring noises around you. If there are other people present in the household, go ahead and warn them beforehand that you are expecting an important call. Speaking of which, prepare your kids or housemates about this. Teach them to respectfully answer the phone and to get messages efficiently if in any case somebody calls unexpectedly and you are out of the house.

Have a pen, paper, and of course, your resume ready. This is so that you won’t have to waste time looking for them during the interview. Don’t forget to write down important information and be sure to ask for the recruiter’s name.

Treat it as a personal one-on-one interview. The only difference is the medium and not the criteria on which your qualifications will be based upon.


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