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How to Have Great Nails


Avoid going to those expensive nail salons and start taking better care of your nails. It does not even involve expensive magic nail elixirs to give your nails some pampering.

Vitamins and minerals. First of all, as nails are part of your body, the best way to make them healthier is by eating the right food. Not only does Vitamin E-enriched food make the nails tougher and healthier, they also do good things to your skin and hair. Ask your doctor if you can take biotin or B-complex supplements as they are also good for skin cells. Always drink lots of water because dehydration makes nails brittle and unsightly looking. “Exercise” them nails by pinching and massaging them at night when you put lotion on your skin.

Keep them short. Trim your nails to size, making sure that you do not cut them too short as it might be easier to get bacteria and fungus under them. Leaving them too long makes them prone to injury and this also involves a lot of maintenance.

Push out cuticles. Buy yourself a nail care set which includes a cuticle remover, cuticle remover liquid, and cuticle oil. This set is easy to find in local beauty supplies and can be very cheap too. The trick here is to leave the cuticle remover liquid on your nails for about two minutes before scraping the cuticle away with the remover. Use a cotton swab to wipe away the debris. Finish off with the cuticle oil.

For the ladies. If you wish to apply nail polish and strengthener, then you can do so after you’ve cleaned your nails. Fair skinned women may want to try vibrant colors to make your nails pop out. As for those with a darker skin tone, earthy and warm colors such as plum, mauve, and very dark red would be dramatic and sexy!


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