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How to Help Yourself Eat Healthier Foods

Writing that article on how to get reading back to your busy life got me thinking what other things we could be missing for leading a life that’s “on the go”. One key ingredient in your life is your diet. Admittedly, sometimes I forget that the food that I eat should be among my priorities. Here are some of the ways which can you help care for your body more through good food.

Start reading the labels. If the food item’s label says that it contains things that you can barely even pronounce, then drop it. In fact, it’s better to just avoid food items with packaging. Go veg, go fruit, and go fresh. Explore the wonderful world of the kitchen and revisit cooking. That way, you know what goes into your food.

Keep a food diary. Counting calories is really a chore but knowing how much each food item packs would help you be conscious of what you eat. Like knowing that eating four Krispy Kremes donuts would push you beyond your daily limit might prompt you

Having a healthy diet is easy… of you try. It’s not just about eating oatmeal instead of pasta, or not eating after 6PM. A healthy diet can be as easy as removing the bad food you have in your current diet. The easiest way to get started on this is to make a list of the food you eat. List down all the food you’ve eaten everyday for one week. By the end of the week, review the list and highlight those which don’t spell healthy. How about erasing the soda, candies, and those donuts you eat everyday?

Have your own fridge. It’s harder to follow a strict diet when the family ref has cookies and cakes and all sorts of sinful food. If you have your own fridge, you can have more control of what you eat. Make sure you don’t go visiting the other fridge. Buy your healthy food and store it on your own fridge.


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