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How to Hold a Garage Sale

Garage Sale

You’ve been pining for that brand new pair of shoes that’s on the display of your favorite store, or you might be longing for a long day of pampering at an expensive spa salon. But payday is still a couple of days away and you don’t have the extra money to spare. You don’t have to wait until payday to indulge in rare pleasures if you have the extra cash on hand to spend. But how do you get the extra cash?

One great way to earn extra money without putting out cash is to sell your old stuff. Garage sales may scream extreme manual work (the hauling of stuff to the yard, and the cleaning afterwards), but it can actually be enjoyable for you. Here are simple tips for entertaining yourself while holding a garage sale. Besides, spring cleaning is just around the corner. Might as well schedule one for the spring.

Raid the attic and garage. First thing’s first, screw sentimentality and emotions. Consider all of the things stowed away as clutter and that you’ll be getting rid of them all.

Make the goods presentable. Dust them off and polish those with a bit of tarnish. “Fresh” looking items can still get a very good price.

Open early. Avoid getting frazzled throughout the day of your sale by starting early. When you open early, you get to have ample time for last-minute preparations and you’ll be good and ready when the first customer arrives.

Talk to your buyers. Share about your own best finds at garage sales you’ve been to or tell them a bit about the stuff you’re selling. Your buyers will, in turn, tell their own stories. These characters that frequent garage sales usually have interesting anecdotes of their own adventures. Not only are you encouraging them to buy, you get good entertainment for yourself.

Don’t establish prices for each item and post them. Encourage friendly haggling; you get to enjoy your customers that way. Sometimes, you even get to earn more than you expect from an item by letting your customers offer the price.

Ask help from willing friends and family. You have more fun when you’re not managing the sale alone. You also get to distribute the work load. This can also be good for security, as garage sales can also attract shady characters.


2 Responses to “How to Hold a Garage Sale”

  • Will opening early really work? I don’t think so. In my experience, opening late and closing at around midnight is better because the really busy people who are thrifty are workaholics, and they have no time to shop in the morning.

  • Alex says:

    Probably depends on your locality. Some areas where people don’t have to rush to work would appreciate you opening early. You can also target those early morning dogwalkers and joggers. And some elderly folk who have the time and money to spare.

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