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How to Keep a Secret


What do you do when someone tells you a secret? Do you share it with everyone else or are you like a select few, who really knows the value of keeping a secret? Being a tattletale is a disease, and for some people, keeping a juicy gossip is harder than it seems. So here’s help for those who just can’t help themselves. You still have a chance at being trustworthy.

What is your purpose? Whenever you want to share someone else’s secret, think first. What is your purpose of sharing it? What do you hope to achieve by sharing it? Do you want to elicit other people’s opinion about, and if you do, why do other people have to comment on it? Turning someone else’s secret into a point of discussion with someone else is just not fair.

Add a lot of integrity to your character by being someone people know they can trust. Integrity is hard to earn. And the moment you let out a rumor, you lose that. If integrity doesn’t mean anything to you, just look at it this way – if you are trustworthy, more people will trust you with their secrets. That means you’ll know everyone’s dirt. But the catch is that you shouldn’t let it spill. Just enjoy the knowledge. Surely, that alone gives you much pleasure.

The next time you hear something you’re just itching to disseminate, control your impulse. Do what you would when you’re trying to control your anger by doing deep breaths at least 5 times. Ask yourself the questions I provided above and unless your answers sound rational to you, don’t rush to the nearest person to do the bad deed.

Don’t provoke people into squeezing the secret out of you. Do away with those stupid “I know something you don’t” lines when you’re with other peers. Sometimes, the reason you let a secret out is that you dropped hints, making other people know that you’re just bursting to let the gas out. Just shut up and you’ll be as trustworthy as you can ever hope for.


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