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How to Look Better in Pictures


Got the looks that say you should be on TV? There are a lot of beautiful people out there. Half of them just don’t look good on pictures and TV and 90% of them have no talent. Well, looking good takes kill too. If you look hot on paper, you’ll be a star in no time! If you master these tips then maybe you can print your own poster!

Only wear clothes that look good on you. You don’t know when you’ll be in a room full of camera so try to look your best always. You might unexpectedly walk in a party and get surprised to find there’s some paparazzi at the entrance. You might not be the reason why they’re there, but if you get captured in the photo, there’s no excuse why you should be looking like a mess. Does green bring out your eyes or pink look good with your complexion? Study your outfits and determine which look best on you and let this guide you the next time you shop for new clothes. Well, if look good without clothes, then consider showing some skin.

Got a pimple on your left cheek? Easy. Just turn to your right when there’s a camera flashing nearby. Don’t allow your double chin to show. Simply practice your angles in front of a mirror so you’ll know how to properly tilt your face without showing what doesn’t need to be seen.

Flash that practiced but relaxed smile. Remember Chandler’s face every time he gets his picture taken? Don’t be like that. Do a trial and error to see what smile looks best on you and learn how to readily flash it every time there’s a camera in front of you. You can use your phone’s camera to study your different smiles and poses.

Close your eyes and open them just before the camera snaps and the bulb flashes. This would give your eyes a good sparkle. This would also minimize the chances of you blinking.


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