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How to Organize a Successful Sale

December is the best month for shopping. People are excited to roam around the stores looking for best ways to spend their bonuses. You can take advantage of this by holding a sale. Bank on the fact that even though shoppers have money, they wouldn’t spend more if they can pay less.

Set the schedule of your sale when it’s most convenient. Weekends are a better option because people usually work late on weekdays. Give yourself at least 3 weeks of planning and organizing so that you can cover all aspects of marketing to promote your event.

Make an inventory. Gather all your items on sale. This task is long and arduous, but this is the best way to keep track of your items. To make it more practical, you can categorize them according to prize or brand so that item-searching will be easy.

Make pricetags. This is especially important if your manpower is limited. Selling is faster if all items on display have pricetags. A shopper who doesn’t know the price of a unit is more likely to hesitate.

Make a pricelist and email blast to everyone in your mailing list. One brilliant and inexpensive way to advertise is to e-blast your event to people. To make your event even more enticing, attach a pricelist so that people will already know what they want to buy.

Make huge posters and post them on strategic spots. The best place for your posters is on places where many people hang-out and pass by. Try schools, office areas, along streets, bus stations, and community bulletin boards.

Do some flyering. Devote one or a few days for flyering. People who haven’t had the chance to see your posters will know about your event thru your flyers and they can show it to their friends. Make sure your flyer is eye-catching and informative, indicating the time and date of the sale, the terms of payment, and the exact location of your venue. It is also a good idea to include your hotline so that people may call for their inquiries.


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