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How to Put Up a Newsletter

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If you have a flair for journalism, and you want to express your thoughts, you might want to join a newsletter. Most established institutions have regular newsletters and they use it as a means to communicate announcements, updates, and news about a particular organization. If your company does not have one yet, you can propose setting one up. Let these pointers be your guide.

Decide on how often you will publish it. This is important so that you can determine how long your newsletter is. If it’s weekly, a few pages would be manageable enough.

Your goal is to inform. This means that your priority is to make your newsletter as readable as you can. Put a lot of creativity in your newsletter to attract readership but make sure it stays legible.

Get good writers. You’ll need the cooperation of some colleagues to help you produce good columns. Since you’re releasing your newsletter regularly, assign editors of separate columns. Get writers for news, features, and entertainment. You can even ask an colleagues who has talents on sketching to submit comic strips. You wouldn’t have problems recruiting writers because those who really love to write will see it as an opportunity to express oneself.

You can use your newsletter as a way to raise funds. You can sell ad space. If your newsletter is gathering subscribers, advertisers would want to make ad placements in your publication.

Have your own column! Don’t just be the instigator, but have your very own column where you can write about your opinions on various topics. Write about things you feel strongly about so you can easily fill your space. If you’re not so sure about your piece, have someone criticize your story first so you can polish it up before you publish it.


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