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How to Stand Up Against Domestic Violence


We can’t just do away with all the stories of domestic violence that we come across. We read them often in the news but domestic violence tales are so common, you might hear it from someone you know. Like this one person a friend knows who suffered a nervous breakdown because of repeated abuse by the husband.

Choosing a mate should not only be based on the intensity of passion and feelings. A mate is someone you’re going to spend your life with, so it’s just right to consider all the other important factors, as well.

Before committing yourself to any relationship, know first if the person is, generally speaking, sane. Does your partner have violent tendencies? How does your partner manage his/her anger? Does your partner have disturbing inconsistencies with his/her behavior?

Agree on a set of rules against domestic violence. Before you settle down, and especially before marriage, have a talk to discuss what you can and can’t do to each other. The most important is to agree on some form of limitations on how both of you can express your anger every time you have a fight. If your partner hits you, walk out of the house and remember that no one has the right to hurt you like that.

One major cause of domestic violence is the wrong principle of gender inequality. Nothing can sustain the relationship like strong respect for each other.

Help others who need this enlightenment. Help people who don’t know that domestic violence is illegal so they won’t have to suffer such abuse. Organize a support group which can cater to people who need counseling.


One Response to “How to Stand Up Against Domestic Violence”

  • Paul says:

    Is this article a joke? You tackle such a huge topic with advice such as

    ‘Before committing yourself to any relationship, know first if the person is, generally speaking, sane’

    Anybody who enters a relationship with a person who THEY KNOW is not sane really needs their head examined, not comfort and understanding.

    I really am lost for words at such complete and utter nonsense such as this. If you cannot be bothered to tackle such an issue properly, don’t demean it by tackling it in this way.

    Finally, domestic violence happens to both sexes. In the UK, 1 in 4 women have suffered it (25%) while 1 in 6 men have also suffered it (just under 17%). Men are stigmatised and not encouraged to report domestic violence so the male figures are thought to much lower than the actual figure.

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