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How to Suppress Laughter

We all can attest to how a few giggles can improve one’s mood. But there are times when a fit of laughter is the last thing you need. Suppressing laughter is not easy to do, but some occasion calls for a strong ability to control those giggles. Here’s helping you how do it. There are events where you have to be serious. When you find something funny in the midst of a very serious setting, try not to look for anyone else in the room who could also be laughing. Giggling can be terribly contagious.

Think of a tragic memory. This is to get you out of a funny zone. Shifting your thoughts on something grave and sad will definitely wipe out your urge to laugh.

Bite your lip or breathe deeply. Doing these things make you control the air building inside you. If you hold your breath, you might squeeze the laughter out of you. Don’t drink anything because a suppressed laughter plus drinking have proven to be catastrophic.

Start counting. Just like controlling an anger fit, counting can also delay and water-down a laughter buildup.

Fake a sneeze if a little laughter comes out. Save yourself from being labeled as ill-mannered by pretending to be allergic to something instead.

Transform your smile into a frown. Stretch your arms. Talk to your serious seatmate. You’d be more likely to hesitate to laugh when you’re talking to someone who’s not likely to share your humor.

If none of these work for you, just get out of the room. Once you find some privacy, let it all out. Don’t come out teary-eyed and still smirking. Check your face in the mirror before you come out.


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