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How to Take a Break when Working at Home


When people comment that I’m quite lucky since I work at home, I just smile and answer, “Oh yeah…” What they don’t know is that it’s quite difficult to take a break when working at home as one gets more carried away with work, knowing that you don’t have to commute from at the end of the day. Work hours are too flexible in fact that they tend to stretch well into the night. The key then is to set up a schedule and take short breaks in between, and how do you ensure this?

Do not bring your laptop in the kitchen. Do not set up a food station in your office or a coffee pot beside your desk. Leaving the drinks and food stuff in the kitchen ensures that you stand up and go there when you are hungry or thirsty.

Speaking of getting up, why not take a walk during your morning and afternoon breaks. Make a list of errands you need to do, such as getting your suit at the dry cleaners, or buying a few foodstuff at the grocery.

Cook meals yourself. Do not exist on “bread” (or potato chips or TV dinners, etc.) alone. Get up and cook yourself some filling lunch or dinner. It’s not only healthy but it also keeps you mobile.

Take up sports, or go to the gym. You may even swim at the local Y. Getting the adrenalin buzzing helps mental stimulation, which you will need a lot when you work.

Clean the house. Yep! Don’t forget to dust the furniture, do the laundry, wash the dishes… Being too busy working at home doesn’t mean you get too busy not to work on your home. A clean and sweet-smelling makes a relaxing working environment. Try working when the place smells like sweaty gym socks.


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