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How to Take Care of Your Fingernails


It’s not only for scratching your mate’s back or for showing some fancy nail work, but it’s also about them being healthy because after all, on top of everything, they’re part of your hand.You’ve probably heard of nail enhancements. It sounds interesting, if you’re feeling diva-ish, you’d want to enhance everything about your body and why not those nails?

Before you indulge in anything though, know that these nail enhancements might not be best for your nails’ health. Yes, it’s going to look cleaner and more polished but technically the process will make them thinner and more fragile.

Avoid using them to pry hardly fastened objects. Like soda can tabs and the like. If they’re long enough and not too tough (probably you lack some Vitamin E), then it might even get ripped off. That, my friend, would hurt.

Be careful when trimming or filing them. When your nails get damaged, you’ll have to wait for months before you can re-grow regular nails again. A nail drill can file your nails faster than the typical nail file but they can also damage your cuticles. As much as you want to remove your cuticles, you also wouldn’t want highly-sensitive nails and fingertips.

Make sure you are checking the length of your nails. As much as you want to look like those sexy nail care models, you also don’t want your nails to break or crack when you’re only hand washing hankies. Take care not to break your nail plates because aside from being ugly, that’s really going to hurt – a lot.


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