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How to Take Care of Your Pet’s Paws

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Not that all pets are high-maintenance but they sure need some care and loving from the master. One of the most neglected portions of your pet would be its paws. Yup, you might be guilty of this (and many are too) since paws rarely get out attention except perhaps when you see dirty paw marks around the house and if you get scratched by their nails. Aside from those issues, you might disregard the fact that your pet might be having some trouble too.

If the nails are bothering you, then trim them. If you’re not quite sure how to do this, visit the vet and they instruct you in detail how to trim your pet’s nails.

Foreign objects can be embedded in between their toes. The most common ones are spikelets and foxtails that they can get roaming around grassy areas. Ticks also love these nooks and crannies. So just check the area just in case your pet might be infested.

If you plan to remove these things, take note that the area between their toes is highly sensitive so take care, be gentle and use a handy pair of tweezers to extract those foreign objects.

Paw pads take a lot of abuse so check those areas for cuts. Small cuts can be easily dealt with by washing with warm water and soap and applying some topical anti-bacterial ointment. If the paw pads bleed heavily, take your pet to the vet.


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