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How to Turn Acquaintances to Close Friends

Friendship is something we all cherish. It’s good to build lasting friendships and relationships with good people around us. And even though we can’t win everybody, it sure is rewarding to have even a few close friends who look out for you.

Sometimes when making new friends, you fail to establish a connection with them so they remain as acquaintances. Talking with your acquaintances only consists of a few polite words. Friendship, on the other hand, is different. It requires connection — things which add meaning to the relationship.

When they talk, listen. The fun of having a new friend is in that you get a new chance of sharing yourself with a new person. We all enjoy talking about ourselves. But sometimes we talk more than we listen. While sharing about your experiences is important for you, it’s also important to listen intently.

Remember that communication is a two-way street. Paying attention to what your friend is saying is very important. It shows that you care about her experiences, too. Look at her in the eye when she’s sharing and nod your head when she said something you agree with. Doing that will tell her that you’re communicating even without saying a word.

Don’t force your friend to self-disclose. Being friends gives you an insight on her personal life, but there will always be things which will remain private. You have things which you don’t want to share with anyone, don’t you? We all need our privacy. It’s important to respect a friend’s unwillingness to self-disclose.

Never talk against your friend behind her back. This is one of the things that kill friendships. When someone talks against you behind your back, you feel betrayed, don’t you? Friendships require loyalty, so don’t gossip about your friends.

Keep in touch. If you had to move to a different city, always keep in touch. It will take a lot of effort in emails and phone calls, but it’s definitely worth keeping a good friend.


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