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IE Quick Tip: Add Find as You Type Search in Internet Explorer

IE Find as You Type

Huzzah! After nearly a year of not posting anything related to Internet Explorer (that’s how I hate using that non-standards compliant browser), here’s one. Not that I don’t use IE since I do for IE Tab to log-in to multiple accounts at the same time.

Anyway, one feature that Firefox has that readily trumps IE is its find as you type search feature. For IE, you still have that Find feature which you have to hit OK and cycle through instances to find a portion of text that you need. Quite tedious. So here’s one IE7 add-on that adds that functionality to your browser. Find As You Type by Ooki Software replaces you Ctrl + F find option with a search bar similar to Firefox and searches text as you type. Quick, simple, and efficient.

Unfortunately, this add-on is for IE7 in XP and newer only. So for the lot of you who are still using IE6, why not upgrading to IE7 and have this add-on installed?

Download Find As You Type here.

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