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Is Your Child Happy?

Smiling Kid

Kids find happiness at the smallest of things: new toy, slides, balloons, and candy canes. You try your best to give your kids the best and it just breaks your heart to see them cry. Yes, being a parent includes all these: but at the end of each night the question you should ask yourself is: Is my child happy?

The happiness you want to give your child is not the same happiness they get when they’re egg-hunting or when they’re hand-painting. The best kind of happiness you can give them is sustained happiness.

Raise a happy child. The first step towards this is to provide them with all their needs: food, clothes, shelter, education but most of all love. They have to grow up in an environment where he can learn all the most important values of that will inculcate happiness: gratitude, contentment, self-worth and confidence.

Help them overcome frustration. Some people never get over their frustrations. You’ll be lucky if you live long enough to witness your kid’s first encounters of frustrations because you can guide him out of it. Frustration can be chronic in the same way as happiness is. Help your kids not to have frustration tendencies by encouraging him early on in his goals, and celebrating his success big and small.


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