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Is Your Relationship Nearing Its End?


The B word you’ve been denying for days. Breakup is the last resort for two people who’ve lost hope in their relationship. For so many reasons, a relationship can crumble sooner than it has begun. Your problem is that you don’t know what’s coming to you. Is it happening? Let’s see.

Analyze if the cause of your impending break-up is truly something that could break both of you. Your instinct tells you that this is the final straw. But before you indulge in your suspicions, analyze whether or not the strength of your relationship can get over the issue at hand. Have you been through tougher times before?

Think of ways how you can fix the problem instead of convincing yourself that you are in the right this time. Sometimes when you’re out to save a relationship, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is but rather, how soon you two can forgive yourselves for fighting with each other.

Do you fulfill each other? You know that the problem is big when you need something which your partner can’t give you. Discontent marks the end of any relationship. You can’t just ignore the fact that something’s missing and it’s also wrong to make your partner believe that you’re in total bliss when you really need something more. In a time like this, the fairest thing to do is to come clean and be honest both with yourself and your partner. You should dig into your relationship and find where that void thrives.

There are issues you can let go, and there are issues that really have to be addressed. If your girlfriend’s jealousy, for example, is driving you crazy, you might want to call it quits. If there’s a problem in your relationship which has a really big potential to carry on in the future, then you really have to rethink if you’re up to living with your partner’s flaws and if you can take the good with the bad.


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One Response to “Is Your Relationship Nearing Its End?”

  • Rosetta Milne says:

    What happens if u love the people but stuff they do just frustrates you and it feels as though their friends are more important than you? That they arent the same person they were before these friends but they claim nothing has changed?
    Its hard just to walk away… and also you are getting married in 2 months time.. the relationship has gotten so frustrating all I want to do is scream but it gets me nowhere…

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