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Jewelry Staples


Some people may feel that they can never have too much jewelry. True, after all, no one can ever have enough of a good thing. And good, classic jewelry is as good as it gets. But for the more practical ones, or for the others who have yet to start their collection of “bling-bling,” here is a list of staples that you may want to invest on first.

Form and function is what a good watch embodies, especially for the women-on-the go. Classic watches with muted-colored leather bands can be understated but very practical and versatile, as it can match most accessories and clothing from casual to formal. You may also opt for one with a simple gold chain bracelet for evening wear.

A simple pair of pearl earrings or cubic zirconium (if diamonds are too steep as of yet) studs are the most classic pieces to invest on. Small gold or silver hoops are also a good idea for more casual wear. Colored gems are also fine, but they make it harder to match with clothes. You may want to add these to your collection later on. Beaded fashion earrings can also add pizzazz to the wardrobe valuable to a women’s wardrobe, and they don’t hurt the budget much.

Get necklaces that pairs well with your earrings. If you decide to go with pearl earrings, get a simple pearl necklace. If you decide with the CZ/diamond studs, then a simple gold or silver chain with a CZ/diamond pendant or locket will work perfectly well with them.

Rings, bracelets, and pins are also good investments. Start with those that complement your existing earrings and necklaces. Having a fun set of silver bangles is also a good idea for bar-hopping in the evenings. They’re flirty and stylish, and they fit well with most clothing.

The good thing to remember is to make it classy and simple. If your collection is yet limited to staples, be sure to have pieces that can be practical, versatile, and of course fashionable!


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