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Know the Types of Stress Interviews

Stress Interview

Human resource agents in companies do employ a bit of intimidation during interviews. This is to check how the applicant reacts to stressful events. Want to know what these ploys are?

The most subtle of this is the asking of questions that require you to describe a solution to a particular business issue or situation. This is called the case interview, where the interviewer checks the applicant’s knowledge in the business, his/her quantitative and analytical skills, and his/her communications skills as well.

They will also try to surprise you with puzzle questions. For example, you’re in the middle of relating something when suddenly the interviewer asks, “And how much do you think a Maserati costs?” You really don’t have to know the price of a Maserati (although it’s a plus), but you have to be able to react and state a witty remark quickly.

Another strategy using questioning is that of interjecting uncomfortable ones such as, “Why did you have to repeat this particular English subject?”

Some aggressive attitude may also be exercised by the interviewer. You might cringe when he or she enters the room with a dour face. He or she might look at his or her watch all the time, or tap his or her foot impatiently. He or she may even smile sardonically or give a patronizing grin.


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