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Lessons from the Holidays: Tightwad Shopping

Christmas Shopping

I have to admit that I might not have been too wise in approaching this whole holiday thing. I even tried to approach this season with a tightwad philosophy in mind. And everyone dislikes the tightwad during Christmas. Everyone, that is, except yourself. What’s wrong with spending only very little when everyone agrees that money problem is one of the biggest problems of all? Show everyone that being a bit thriftier than other people doesn’t automatically make you a Scrooge.

Shop only early and only when there’s a SALE. If you’re a certified tightwad then you don’t have to be told that the best time to shop is when the stores open their SALE season. New Year means new stock so definitely all stores are having discounts. Buy presents for everyone and make sure you don’t leave anyone out.

If you forgot to buy a gift for someone so important, this means you might buy her/him something for a regular price which is just excruciating. To avoid such situations, make a list of everyone you plan to buy gifts for.

Don’t be fooled by some SALES though. Attractive as the signs are, some vultures prey on the last minute buyers. Some opportunistic establishments would mark down their prices only a few cents off and advertise them as sales. So always check the price tag.

Ask for a Free Gift-Wrapping Service. Half the trouble of buying gifts is the problem of how you’re going to have them all nicely gift-wrapped and ready. If you don’t want to do the gift-wrapping yourself, as this means you have to buy the wrapper, ribbons, and also the glue (wow, a true tightwad at heart!) you might want to buy your gifts at stores which have a special and FREE gift-wrapping service. All you have to worry about is the ribbon they should use on each box.

A lot of stores offer this service during the holidays.


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