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Love Your Heart this February

Chocolate Hearts

It’s the middle of February so the halls are decked with something else. Here and there you have decorations of red hearts made of cardboard. You even like those heart balloons. What this season is telling you is not just to look for love, but to love that one body part which does all the loving – your heart.

This might be a bit late but the first day of February is known as the National Wear Red Day. Millions of Americans wear red as a sign of their support to the fight against heart disease among women. They are working to raise funds for various heart research and also to boost education programs to teach the world how we should take care of our hearts.

In America alone, the number 1 killer among women is cardiovascular disease. More important than wearing a color, is to live by the rules on how you can maintain your heart’s healthy condition.

Monitor your blood pressure and your cholesterol level. You can assess your cholesterol level by having yourself tested by a doctor. Or you can check your local pharmacy. They might have cholesterol screening services. You should also have regular checkups. Getting a second opinion on your cholesterol level is a good idea as inaccurate readings happen sometimes.

Make exercising at least 30 minutes everyday a habit. It is important that you commit to a regular cardio workout. A short 30 minute activity will make your heart happy for the rest of the day.

The ideal weight. We don’t support waif, but lose that excess fat! You don’t want it and we don’t want it. So why is it still there?
Salt is your enemy. Of course it’s necessary in your meals, but if you can pass up on the salt when you’re eating your fries, then do it. Limit your salt intake and stay away from junk foods. They’re usually too salty for you.


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