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Make an Effort for Cleaner Air


The air you breathe gives you more than just air. The air in the atmosphere has been outnumbered by chemicals, and other particulates that are not good for your health. Air pollution have caused death in many cases, and when it didn’t, it brought respiratory diseases. With the emissions of all the cars in the world plus smokes from the factories, how much more life can the air give?

Recently there has been a motion to amp up efforts to clean the air we all breathe. Apparently the smog is becoming a little too alarming to ignore. The Clean Air Act will be pushed further and more aggressive to campaign and take actions so that people’s health will be more protected. There will be new pollution controls that aims to reduce air pollution.

Air pollution branches out its harmful effects. It also contaminates our water through atmospheric deposition. The government is doing regular inspections on several factories whose industry are likely to contribute greatly to air pollution.

There are things you can do to help clean our air!

Your car is a culprit. Don’t take your car anywhere you want to go. Support public transportation and ride a bus or your bike at times when driving your own car isn’t really necessary. Walk! It helps you get a bit of exercise.

Talk to people in your community who may want to help out. There are more people in your neighborhood who, like you, are willing to do their own part to save the air but they just don’t know how to do it on their own.


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