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Make Internet Browsing at Home Safe for Kids

The internet is the best thing next to the TV. Sometimes even better. The internet has unlimited information about everything under the sun. And with that readily available information, you might start wondering about how you can filter all that media so your child get only the good stuff.

Boys will be boys. Boys usually discover the world of p*rn (from hereon to be referred to as NSFK so as for Google not to accuse us again of doing dubious SEO) because their parents told them not to read such stuff. The thing is, there will always be a burning curiosity about something which is prohibited. We simply want to know what the ban is about. To prevent this, educate them about the basics of privacy.

Warn them against giving out personal information to web sites. Another thing they should also be wary about is the chatting with strangers. Remind them that online friends are still strangers so they should be selective of the info they share publicly.

There are ways on how you can filter out the information you want to be accessible to your children. Install an internet filter or family safety software so that you can control and regulate their access. Most good parental filters (NetNanny) are paid software. But a couple you can use for free are Parental Filter and ParentalControlBar. Or, if you’re using Windows Vista, try managing your User Account Control.

NSFK sites have become more pervasive. So that when an unsolicited site pops up, one click opens you to more NSFK portals. Kids might freak if such a site pops up in their monitors. It’s better to instruct them to call on an adult if they get attacked by these malicious websites so that they will run to you for help.

Position the computers in such a way that it will be open and viewable by adults. It’s hard to surf NSFK sites when you can be seen by your parents. Do not give them a chance to explore on their own. If you can see what they’re looking at, you can guide them properly.


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  • Engram says:

    For those of you who use Firefox, here are a few essential add-ons I recommend to any parent who wants to keep their kids safe on the web. The add-ons, when used in conjunction, are a free and easy solution to remedy that problem.


    1) Web Of Trust (WOT)

  • taylor says:

    It’s a nice article that tell us how to make internet safe for our kids through various applications.

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