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Men Dating Tips: Gifts for Her this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Just when you think Valentine’s is only for the girls…you’re actually quite right. Make Feb. 14 a memorable date for the both of you. Thinking of what to give her? Read on and maybe you’d get lucky.

Surprise her with a short vacation cruise! Can’t think of where to spend that money you were saving? Be spontaneous and surprise both of you by getting tickets for a short romantic cruise! She’ll love to go sailing and have extra time with you, and you’ll have her all to yourself! Don’t forget to buy her lingerie to boot.

Something crazy-romantic. Some guy made flyers professing his love for a girl and posted it on every wall. How’d you like it if someone announces to the world that you’re lovable?

Breakfast in bed. Serving your sweetie her breakfast while still in bed is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. Make sure to serve her favorite breakfast of waffles, strawberries and don’t miss her hot chocolate. Can you think of how you can improvise the classic breakfast in bed? While she’s still sleeping, decorate her room so that it looks like Cupid’s Den. She wouldn’t know if she’s only dreaming this fairytale setting.

How about a massage before going to bed? If you got her all excited with your Valentine’s gift during the day, wouldn’t it be perfect if you give her a soothing body massage to help her relax for the night? If you treat her like a queen this day, you’re her king tomorrow!


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