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Men Dating Tips: More on Getting the Girls.


We hear you, man. You want to meet the right girl already so you can start spending precious moments with her. The only problem is, she’s nowhere to be seen! If there is indeed a lack of desirable women in your vicinity, then make sure you’re also exerting some effort to summon them.

Girls dig fit athletic bods more than hulking muscular Mr. Universe-like men or scrawny twig-like physique. Look into a mirror and see for yourself what’s hot and what’s not about your body. Do you need muscles? If your body is still a clay yet to achieve a desirable form, don’t bother enrolling to a gym. Instead of lifting weights, get into a body-toning activity like swimming, tennis, or yoga. You’ll enjoy your return of investment once girls start checking out your new body.

A little honesty goes a long way. When a girl discovers that you’re an honest, sincere, and sensitive guy, they’ll think they found a gem and they’ll treat you right. Don’t make your woman feel emotional and needy by acting all reasonable and logical. Nothing turns off girls most than a guy who’s as stiff as a twig. Bend a little. Women like sensitive men.

Know how to flirt. Flirting will open a lot of doors for you! Flirting is better than doing an all-out serious courting. It’s a kind of a test – it can tell you if you have chances with a girl or if there’s really no spark between you.


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