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More on Changing Career Directions.


I’ve read somewhere that “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Do you believe it in the context of a career change? What if you’re in the middle of your life and you suddenly find yourself seriously contemplating about switching to another career path? Would you go for it, or would you shake it off? Changing something in your life is really a tough decision, especially if it’s something stable like your job. It’s even scary — the thought of leaving your comfort zone and risking a new livelihood.

Consider these tips to help you go through this.

Do you want to pursue a new career or do you just want to leave your present job? When things don’t go well in the office, we’re bound to think about exploring other avenues. While it’s good that you’re thinking of expanding your horizon, it is not good to make a big career change just because you hate your boss, or if you find the company policies inhumane. Changing your career should be in pursuit of a passion which you always had but never got to doing.


If you’re not so sure about what to pursue, make a list of new careers which sounds good to you and individually assess your facility to which you can function in the new job. In your assessment, consider two factors: your potential to excel in the new field, and your chances to be happy in this new career.

One way you can check which among your list is nearest your talents is to draft a resume for each job target. By doing this, you get to see which career you’re more familiar with, and which career will require you to do a lot of keeping up.

Go for it. Your plans cannot change your life until you go ahead and do it. Now’s the time to really file that resignation you’ve been dreaming of for the longest time.


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