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More on Improving Your Child’s Reading Skills

It’s time for school again and as parents, you want your kids ready for their classes. After completing your shopping list of school supplies plus new school shoes and outfits, you think your kid is all set for school. But are they? On top of the school stuff you bought for them, one thing they will need for school is a sharp ability in reading comprehension.

Set a regular schedule for reading. You can choose from loud reading or silent reading. Reading to your child will improve his listening skills and if you read with impeccable eloquence, your kid just might acquire it. Or, as most older kids don’t like the idea of you reading to them, you can encourage them to have a silent reading session to improve their comprehension and vocabulary. And the secret to making a habit out of anything is to do it regularly. Make sure this schedule is met.

Buy good books and make reading fun. Creating an environment for reading is as easy as having good books in a shelf and having a quiet and cozy reading corner — just enough resources so your kid won’ have to walk all the way to the library to sit down and enjoy a book. Don’t just buy school books. Buy the bestselling ones for his age, too.

Talk to your child’s teachers if you want to know about his reading performance. Know how your kid is doing in class so you will also know what he needs or where he needs to improve on. Your kid may have a reading problem without you knowing if you don’t take the time to find out.


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