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More on Saving on Gifts for the Holidays

In a few days, it’s going to be December again. And you know what it means. December is probably the month when we flush out all our savings because of the holiday’s tradition of gift-giving. For this very reason, some people hate the holidays.

Christmas doesn’t have to suffer this bad reputation of draining all your life’s savings. Indeed gift-giving is the essence, but no one ever said your gifts had to be expensive. All they have to be is special.

Just like your other regular expenses, your gifts have to follow a budget. It’s Christmas and yes, it’s a special holiday but it’s still not enough reason to overly splurge. Good thing you also get a lot of bonuses from work. The idea is to budget this extra money so that the gifts won’t go overboard and affect your normal allowances.

Just like Santa, make a list. It’s easier to do your shopping if you have a list to follow instead of just going all over the place. Other people shop with the “I’ll know it when I see it.” strategy. This is not very wise as this is guaranteed to take a lot of time. Especially if there’s a lot of people also doing their Christmas shopping. Oh and check it twice.

Consider group-giving. A brilliant way to save is to give as a group, or give to a group. Couples usually do this to save and you can do this also when you give to couples. Want to save even more? Buy one gift for the whole family!

Don’t give to people you’re not really close with. Sometimes we are pressured to give to our bosses, our officemates and the cousins of our cousins. The good news is, you don’t have to do it this year especially if you don’t have the money for it. Gift-giving is only for people who are dear to you. Doing that won’t give you any regret for every penny you spent.


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