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More Tips on Saving on Groceries

Is your grocery bill eating the biggest part of your income? It’s easy to forget your budget when you’re enjoying getting things off the shelves. But your grocery bill shouldn’t leave you broke. Take a look at these helpful pointers so you won’t overspend next time.

Look for good deals either online or in newspaper ads. Grocery chains usually post advertisements of their newest deals so take advantage of it.

Give yourself only a few minutes to buy everything you need. If you spend a lot of time lingering on the aisles, you’re bound to drop more in the cart. Just get the things you need and storm out of the store.

Don’t bring your kids. If your kid is known to throw tantrums in the store, shop without them. Kids can let all hell loose just to make you buy a brightly-colored package.

Opt for the cheaper cuts. Your choices of meat cuts could be the culprit. If you don’t really need the fillet type, buy the more affordable cuts. If you’re a good chef, the taste will define your meal, not the cut.

Try the store brands. People don’t usually trust the store brands because they always go for their “tried-and-tested” labels. But some store brands are actually just as good.

Think twice before buying multiple-item sale. They can deceive you into thinking you’re saving a lot from buying two items for the price of one when the fact is you don’t even need to buy it. This is especially wise for food purchases. Also, check the dates of expiration first. Sometimes, it’s cheap because it’s near its end.


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