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Moving into a Small Town

The most ambitious people live in the city. In your opinion, how true is this statement? The city offers a fast-paced life. This is why people prefer to live here, and yet, this is also exactly why people choose living in a small town. If you’re living in the city and is now considering to move out, you will find that while you’re sure to make major adjustments, living in a small town is not exactly unbearable as you thought it would be.

If you’ve known the small town where you’re moving as a place where you grew up, or if you’ve lived there before, you will find that everything is not as unfamiliar and strange. Small towns usually have lower levels of pollution, less complicated policies, and more often than not, better relationships between neighbors. These do not apply to all cases. But when it does, it’s when small towns are believed to be more capable to give you a more “peaceful” life. And this is why some people find happiness in that small corner of the world.

Don’t cut your connection from the rest of the world. There’s Internet and cable plus a lot of other modern things which you can subscribe to, to make sure that you’re always in the loop. Know what’s happening in the world so you won’t feel like an exile. Subscribe to at least one big city newspaper so you will always be updated with what’s happening in the place where you used to live.

Be involved. Small towns are in a state of expansion and development. They need modern thinkers like you who can lead them to more advanced ways of doing things. Volunteer your talent to initiatives of churches, hospitals, and fire brigades. Doing this will make you more committed to your community and will help you appreciate your new home.

Be wary of traditions. Small towns pride themselves in a handful of traditions so be prepared to adjust yourself to some of them. Small towns might also have festivities and celebrations at least once a year. No matter how crazy the fest might be, just be open. Remember, you’re part of it now.

Lean back and enjoy the quiet life. Small towns would have their own ways of handling things. If being a city slicker has created in you a sense of “always action” then be prepared to have a more laid back experience in a small town.

Some of my favorite small towns and cities.


6 Responses to “Moving into a Small Town”

  • Robin says:

    They need modern thinkers like you who can lead them to more advanced ways of doing things.

    If people moving to small towns believe this they’re going to make enemies quickly. If you’re moving to a small town, move there because you like what’s there now. If you want “advanced ways,” stay in the city. We don’t think those ways are advanced. This is what you’ve chosen, presumably because you like what small town life has to offer. Move in, embrace small town life and enjoy your new lifestyle! We welcome folks who don’t want to change our way of life.

  • TMP says:

    Think twice, maybe three times before moving to a small town. Unless you have a job, family or friends in the area it’s likely to be a hard go.

    I moved to a town of 12,000 , county 40,0000 two years ago and though I’ve tried to integrate myself, no luck. The place is remarkably unfriendly to outsiders.

    Small towns are no place to try and go it alone, unless you enjoy living like a recluse. Over the weekend I dropped off toys and food for a local drive. When I came into the room, the locals left. Since no one recognized me there was no reason to stay around and chat.

    I do like my affordable home and acre of land, lower property taxes. But there are high sales taxes, limited internet access and no broadband.

    I’ve met a number of relative necomers who have the same compliant, even with jobs, kids in school and church affliations.

  • Ann says:

    I moved to a small town about two years ago.I thought it was going to be great.A new job,new friends,a new home,a new start all together.But now that I’m here I see that its not like that.When I walk into a store everyone looks at me and starts to whisper.Everybody knows everybody and you stick out like a sore thumb.And since their is nothing to do they spend their time getting into everyones buisness.You cant do anything without it being the talk of the town.It is alo hard to get a job because they only want to hire people that they know.So if you are thinking about moving to a small town then you should think twice!!

  • Chess says:

    Rule of thumb for living in a small town:
    Whoever you are talking TO is probably related to or knows who your are talking ABOUT.

    How do I know this? Let me count the ways I was embarrassed when I relocated from a bustling college town to a small rural community.
    After 20 years here I am STILL amazed at the connectedness of the
    family trees in this area. You can never imagine if you are from the city.
    Be polite, be discreet, speak with utmost care.

  • GMoney says:

    I moved to a small town (city?) of 26,000. I’m friendly-respectful-and don’t try to bring ‘change’….however, the people stare at me like I’m a leper–never smile–and here’s the big one–as a single person–everyone is already taken–albeit married-engaged-or in a LTR. Plus most ppl frown upon higher education-the arts-and anything they don’t believe is Biblically based. As a Christian I can’t stand ppl who are so unlike Christ yet say they are very Christian –and these ppl are racists-homophobic-xenophobic-and hate anything different–whether how one thinks-looks-or believes. My cab driver started talking about them Ni^&$%# and how the blacks ought to stay outta the town.

  • TSN says:

    We moved to a small Indiana town outside of Louisville area. In a word- yuck! It was backwards and they preferred it that way. Everybody looked alike and were related, related, related. And so much for country friendly! The worst of it being since they never move or travel, they couldn’t discuss anything outside of their counties besides basketball. Walmart ruled their lives. Education was iffy and forget proper grammar! Hygiene? Don’t get me started. I couldn’t get out of there quick enough.
    I will say it will depend upon the state though. I’ve been in small towns in Co, NM, Ca, etc. that did not mirror this backwoods lifestyle.
    Sticking to the burbs of a modern 21st Century big city thanks!

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