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Play Nintendo 8-bit NES Games in Your Browser

Super Mario Bros. 3

Save for struggling in eBay finding a decent, and good condition NES gaming console can be a bugger. The old one in my own storage hasn’t been functioning for the last fifteen years. Emulators are okay only the ROMs might not be legal. If you have a more recent Nintendo rig like a DS or a Wii, many companies have released their collections of 8-bit classics in one pack.

A lot of Flash-game developers have also adapted the good ol’ sprite-based games to flash and allows you to play with it online. While some have done a good job in adapting the games, nothing still beats playing the same game that’s found in those humongous NES cartridges.

So how about scooting over to Nintendo-8 where you can play the timeless classics such as Super Mario Bros. (1 and 3, of course), Legend of Zelda, and even . It uses vNES, a Java-based NES emulator that lets you play the games in your browser! No download required and all it needs is to have Java console installed for your browser.

It does involve some getting used to playing the darned thing with the keyboard and the keys aren’t remap-able. But hey, it’s free and straight to your browser. No installations. No downloads. Just some classic Nintendo gaming!


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