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Power Users Will Stick to Firefox

Yes. For the first time here on LifeSpy, I’m making a bold prediction. Google’s browser, Google Chrome has made so much buzz over the web and the blogosphere that some even though that it’d smother Firefox and give IE a stifling kick in the nuts. For a minute there, I thought so too.

However, not even a couple of days into using Google Chrome, I found myself launching again. I thought it was simply a force of habit but for the subsequent days, I knew what was wrong with Chrome. I am a power user and my Firefox has been fully customized to my use. Aside from about:config tweaks, my Firefox is loaded with just about all the add-ons I need to quicken my web work. These things Chrome just doesn’t have.

Anyway, Chromium (from which was made) developers posted this web document on Chrome User Experience. It contains a lot of information regarding the reasons behind the UI but let me direct you to this quote in the Options section – “Over time, we hope to reduce the number of options further.”

they make valid points here. Not everyone’s a power user anyway. However, as is, Chrome just doesn’t provide the full control that Firefox allows. I have to admit that the speed and stability of Chrome blew me away. But speed and stability is variable depending on the things that you do on your browser. Not having my Greasemonkey scripts running made me feel crippled.

With Chrome headed to be a dumbed-down browser for the rest of the web surfing population (casual users), I’m sure power users will be content using Firefox. Unless some dude hacks into Chrome and gives it full customization, I’m sticking to my favorite browser. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have Firefox’s tabs running as separate processes like Chrome?


6 Responses to “Power Users Will Stick to Firefox”

  • K-IntheHouse says:

    Very well said and I have to strongly agree with you. I tried to use Chrome but I just keep gravitating back to my highly customized Firefox. As the Chrome community starts churning out the most Firefox extension clones for Chrome, we will see more of the Firefox power users switching. This is definitely evident with the release of Greasemonkey equivalent for Chrome.


  • Techie says:

    Firefox extensions give a whole new meaning to browsing experience. Even if people are not Power users, once they get accustomed to using it ,they at some point if time would ask : Can this task be done quicker without leaving my browser, can I have a new look for the page, can the ads on a page be removed etc and Firefox answers all these type of quesions with a strong “Yes”. Chrome simplicity is good but I guess going in future it would be like people liking a new version of notepad but as they start using it they want to advance.
    Just to mention, Mozilla Ubiquity project totally adds a new dimension in the way one does a task on internet.

  • no0nee says:

    You realize that Chrome is still in a very early stage, all your favorite extensions and addons did not exist within the beta versions of Firefox, they were evolved out of necessity. There are already third party developers creating new customization options for chrome (as it is open source and Google intended this) and I am sure in the future we will see the same amount of customization that Firefox offers.

  • Gigi says:

    I think that over some time, after the Chrome community matures a bit, we might have some nice, powerful addons and things will change. This post reflects my exact opinion about the whole thing. I really like the way you get so much more real estate when you’re browsing pages with Chrome but, as a developer, it doesn’t have all I need yet. I will leave it installed but FFox will still be my main browser for working.

  • Midnightzak says:

    Though this comment is worded well, it still is way off base. Chrome is a BETA and should be treated as such. This browser is super quick and will definitely be a contender in the browser war. But you need to give it time to come out of its BETA stage and you need to give addin/plugin authors time to create extensions that work with this browser.

    Short version = don’t jump the gun, its a Beta.

  • Praveen says:

    Well said.
    Firefox does (almost)everything for me.
    I too dont need another browser.

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