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Quick Fixes for Summer Emergencies


April’s nearly done and spring is just about fading into summer. With global warming and all, who would know when it would strike? Fun summer days are often ruined by hasty trips to the doctor. It pays to know how to treat these ailments at the onset, preventing you from unnecessarily rushing to the hospital. For more severe cases, though, these tips can serve as good temporary containment solutions. Here are some first-aid tips for those summer emergencies.

When you have heat rash, wear clothes that help keep you cool and dry, such as those made of polypropylene. Apply powder with cornstarch on your body and use calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream to stop the itching.

For sun burns, take aspirin as soon as you can; this will keep the burn from progressing. Then apply cool compress or take a cool bath. Put in about 2 ounces baking soda to relieve the pain. Rehydrate your skin by putting on moisturizing lotion. Do not apply petroleum-based products because they keep the heat and sweat from escaping. Finally, resist the urge to scratch and peel your dry skin.

Whenever you experience heatstroke, do NOT take any medicine used to treat fever, such as aspirins. Just rest in a cool, shaded area and put your feet up, above your heart. Use cool water to sponge or wrap yourself in a wet sheet. Drink any sports drink to increase your sodium levels. Do not drink sugary or alcoholic drinks, as they increase dehydration. Seek help if you feel extremely hot, faint, or nauseated, call 911.

For mosquito bites, especially during camping trips, apply any anti-itch solution with ammonium and/ or menthol on the bites. Use a cold compress to reduce the itch and swelling. Try taking an antihistamine medicine for allergic reactions.


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