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Quid Pro Quo: Google AdSense Click Fraud in India

Click Fraud

Amit over at Digital Inspiration wrote this great article on the modus operandi of the AdSense click fraud scheme in India. India ranks among the highest in click fraud (as shown in the map above, via Click Forensics). So basically what they do is:

You basically create a website and then write a few articles to get accepted into the official Google AdSense program. Once you become an AdSense publisher, you join any of these “bogus” AdSense network and are introduced to other members who are in the same boat as you.

It is quite disturbing to read news about these so-called networks. Hey, I work for a blogging network too and never did we encourage to click ads of blogs in our own network. We play it clean and let our traffic (via our hard labor in writing posts) drive our income. Not that I’m demeaning a whole nationality but this recent news could probably taint the great reputation of great bloggers who are based there. What if Google decides to ban all IPs originating from India because of that?

Take note of that classified ad image in Amit’s post: Rs 50,000 is the advertised earning potential in joining this kind of network. I wouldn’t know if they really reach this amount but Indian rupees is around US$ 1,253.20. I know some probloggers out there who work outside the US who get a (damn) lot less than that. And these are people who work long hours to generate great content.

I know how quick Google can drop the hammer on these guys. I just hope this doesn’t echo for these countries to be considered a bad market by Google. Anyway, Google has a research and development office in India.


One Response to “Quid Pro Quo: Google AdSense Click Fraud in India”

  • Vinay says:

    Most Indians have always been good at finding ways ( loopholes ) to maximize their earnings. I think it is due to need to survive in a fast paced and over populated country.

    I’m Indian and it takes a lot of effort for me to try and not think that way.

    Education of the masses is the key.

    Thanks for the article. Hope it gets read where it needs to :)

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