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Rekindling Romance without the Hassle or the Budget

When you think about romance, what usually comes to mind? Carriage rides, dinner date, honeymoons, and hundreds of red roses? If these are your thoughts, then chances are, your idea of romance is probably influenced by what you see in movies that usually portray romantic things as expensive and larger than life.

But as a regular person who can’t afford what you see in movies, what can you do to heat up your own romance without shelling out everything you got in your bank account?

The trick to inspire romance is to capture the moment with the element of surprise. When a romantic act is unexpected, things are sure to become a little interesting between you and your lady love.

Do things differently. Take for instance, the romantic things you can do in the boundaries of your home. Been eating pizza a lot lately? Why not go home early one night and cook for her? Not a chef? Just whip some easy-to-cook pasta. Cooking is more special than just eating take-out. Your effort is sure to be appreciated. In doing this, you might also wanna think about going home earlier than usual from now on. Maybe work has been taking most of your time and leaving you less to spend with her.
How long was it since you last gave her flowers? You’re way past courting, but giving her flowers even if you’re not celebrating any occasion is sure to bring out some spark. Leave it on her bed or hand it to her as she comes home from work.

Have the kids sleep over at grandma’s. If you do things right, you just might get lucky tonight. Not having to worry about kids overhearing is a new and exciting way to have sex. No TVs and no radio, except if you’re playing Puccini or soft, sensual music.

Plan the night with only her favorite things on the list. First you cook (or buy) her favorite dinner meal, and maybe you can rent her favorite romantic movies, then ask her if you can drive to where you first met. Reminisce your sweet memories under the stars and make future plans, i.e., vacation for two to places you’ll both love to visit. Setting future plans will give both of you something to look forward to.


2 Responses to “Rekindling Romance without the Hassle or the Budget”

  • John says:

    Losing the spark is par for the course unless you make a concerted effort to keep things interesting. helps you do that with monthly “intimacy packages” that arrive on your doorstep, each one filled with a variety of items that help you have fun and enjoy each other. There’s no excuse, no “not tonight,” when a gorgeous package arrives just begging you to open it and dig in! Best of all it’s something you can share together and make time for, and that always leads to something good!

  • Ty says:

    this is exactly what i am wanting to do i belive that making moments with a women is awesome. i love when you are able to capitalize on every moment that you two make togther and keeping it in your brain the rest of your life. i love to bling fold the girls that i date, and just drive around my little town of tahoka populated at about 2000 people and just confuser her, and just drive her out into my forest and she has no clue and when she opens her eyes she is amazed and wondering were she is at. it is a moment that i will never forget and neither will she.

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