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Relationships: A Few More Tips for Online Dating

Dating Online

There are several reasons why a guy would rather date girls online than in real life. For one thing, it does seem safer to have a monitor screen between you and a girl, instead of being face-to-face where she can look through your eyes and tell when you’re lying. Consider this as our follow-up on our quick how-to for online dating.

If you’re a guy who doesn’t have the time to be involved in an actual relationship, one of your options to still have romance in your life is by doing online dating. There are millions of girls out there on the prowl for you the moment you go online. Just make sure you have that decent photo of yours.

How do you get to know someone online? The internet has a lot of ways in which you can share experiences with your budding romance. Widgets and other fun sites enable you to do activities together. Sending ecards, playing interactive games and blogging are some of the few web functions which can bring two people closer virtually.

Google to know you’re not being scammed. Some people out there are just looking for a quick laugh, assuming identities that aren’t really theirs. Guys often create women profiles and post scans or pictures of some other random hottie and engage some other guy with some raunchy proposals. Sometimes, it’s easy to double-check your online mate’s persona. A quick Googling of the person’s handle or nickname can even reveal other online accounts and memberships in boards and social networks. Check their profiles for consistency.

Online dating sites are for people who are really on the lookout for dateables. You’ll meet a lot of interesting characters, but you’ll also get your share of online jerks. Everytime you bump into one, just ignore the invite and move on to more interesting profiles.
It’s hard to not get carried away by the freedom of online dating. After several chats, you will feel like you already know your cybermate, but never reveal more than you ought. Yes, you can go anonymous and adopt a fake identity for security purposes, but honesty is still the way to go. Just make sure you keep private things private.

The essence of online dating is fast progress so make sure you reply promptly. If your reply comes a bit too late, someone else has already chatted her up.


2 Responses to “Relationships: A Few More Tips for Online Dating”

  • Tera Patrick says:

    Hey nice site guys. Anyways thought ide suggest some dating times. 1. When on your first date alwas start as friends, that you want get hurt if things dont work. 2. Smile and be happy. 3. Listen. Girls like to share so be an open ear. 4. Have a good laugh so that the first date is remeberd.

  • I think that it is a very interesting and amusing article. Practically all its main points are true.

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