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Relationships: Dating and SMS


Like any other person in the room, you are inseparable with your cellphone; your gender doesn’t have anything to do with that. Gadgets are cool – ’nuff said. We love doing things the easy way and you have to admit that SMS or texting has made life so easy. Texting solves your problems: text when you’re late for a date, text when you can’t make it, text when you’re coming over, text when you’re canceling something, text when you need anything and text when you want a sumthin’ sumthin.

Don’t make texting the basic communication medium in your relationship. It will forever be a fact that women love the ageless thrill of the non-virtual. Besides, it only gets interesting when there’s actual touching involved.

In the context of courting, men are most likely to resort to texting. Why? Because it’s more convenient. An artless text message like “Are you free tonight?”, followed by a reply of a resounding NO will be more endurable than if the guy were rejected in person.

It’s very fortunate that women are quite open to this. But you know in your heart that she deserves much more than a text and more importantly, admit that you can give much more. Besides, wooing is so much fun if you see her blush at your cheesy lines.

In the event of a fight or an argument, texting can be “safer” for you what with all the heavy stuff she’ll hurl at you. But relationship problems are way too critical to be resolved through an exchange of text messages. The best way to talk is to actually talk, and we’re not including a phone call.


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