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Relationships: Missing Your Ex


Are you not getting over him at all? Look, everyone agrees that breakups are not one of the easiest things to do, and yet when you say goodbye, you don’t always mean it. And when this happens, the worst is yet to come — sleepless nights, zero appetite, high irritability, loss of focus on other things — all these add up to give you a very serious case of fatigue. If you can’t get over it, then obviously you’re still hung up. Why don’t you just win him back?

Investigate why you broke up. Of course you had a fight, but what was there an argument? Which part of the conversation did you start getting agitated? A difference in opinion doesn’t have to end in shouting and violence.

Do you truly know your partner? If you know your partner, you know what irks him and what his tendencies are, and what he likes, and what makes him just freak. Knowing your partner and respecting his character will save you from fights. For example, if you know that work is very important in your partner’s life, then you shouldn’t take it against him if he’s really working his way up for a promotion. More important than love is respect.

Say sorry if it’s really your fault. There are people who are not in the habit of apologizing for various reasons. If you are this kind of person, remember that a relationship is two-way. You can only take if you know how to give.

Propose changes. Just like what it says in the love songs, you have to promise that this time it’s going to last. There is no reason for him to take you back if you’re going to have the same problems.


One Response to “Relationships: Missing Your Ex”

  • Irritated says:

    This is the worst advice I’ve ever heard for dealing with this sort of situation. EVERYONE feels this way after breaking up, and very few truly MEAN goodbye when they say it… but that doesn’t mean the pair in question is meant for each other, and a girl should simply try to “win him back”! A breakup, though undeniably difficult, is a golden opportunity to turn over a new leaf and find out who you are. The pain is only meant to make you stronger. Only after taking a good step back, getting your life on track, and developing a solid relationship with YOURSELF should you begin to reflect on past relationships. What you’ve done in this article is promote spinelessness in women. As a woman who has been so hopelessly hung up on exes that it’s driven her into therapy, I can tell you this is DANGEROUS advice– the perfect incentive for an insecure woman to throw herself back into a potentially abusive relationship. Shame on you.

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